The Monthly Film Festival

**** out of *****

“The entire film is shot in an evocative black & white, giving it an almost ethereal feeling. Each scene is gorgeously framed, and even the stagier sequences look excellent thanks to usage of negative space and composition… Fans of romance and the stage will adore Paul Andrew Kimball’s film… The story gripped us and we found ourselves pleading with the characters on screen to reconcile. It is a genuinely engrossing and engaging story, filled with clever dialogue and thematic resonance.”

Jason Knight, UK Film Review

**** out of ****

“Writer and director Kimball does an amazing job, creating wonderful establishing shots, fascinating characters and dramatic character development. And the cinematography is rather captivating. The Colour of Spring deserves a lot of praise, particularly thanks to Morden’s performance, which is brilliant when her character is acting and when she is just being herself. It offers an experience worth having.

The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

“Paul Andrew Kimball [is] a director who has clearly reached that ‘top’ range of indie work… This film is shot in a beautiful black and white palette. It has that almost European feel of the grand filmmakers of the past (Godard, Bergman… even perhaps a hint of that Woody Allen moment: Stardust Memories and Shadows and Fog). Long story short: This is a prime cut of indie filmmaking. It should be admired, and encouraged.”

Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards

“Paul Andrew Kimball’s new film is a delicate analysis of everyday life, of the certainties we build to design the present and the future, which affects everyone very deeply…Looking at this exciting work, Philip Roth’s famous words come to mind: ‘People think that in falling in love they make themselves whole? The Platonic union of souls? I think otherwise. I think you’re whole before you begin. And the love fractures you. You’re whole, and then you’re cracked open’. Kimball, in the duration of a film, manages to hold the pieces together, a moment before the end. In this tension, there is all the poetry of the film.”

Will Conrad, IndyRed

**** out of *****

The Colour of Spring sounds great, it looks great, and the pacing feels near perfect. Technically speaking it all works. But what especially works is the acting. Alexa Morden as Sarah really kicked this film into high gear. It was especially pleasant watching an actor playing an actor… acting. When it comes to Sam, played by Jamie Muscato, there can be no question that he is second fiddle to nobody. The chemistry between the two seems legit, and I truly have nothing bad to write. But what makes this film even more endearing is that the supporting cast all perform amazingly. I can think of no character in this film that feels out of place or wrong. Not many independent movies can claim an excellent cast all across the board – this one can.”